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Special Initiative Grant is opening on July 1, 2017

Special Initiative Grant

The purpose of the Special Initiative Grant is to enhance the delivery and reach of Ice Sports Victoria programs. Building on the strengths and commitment of Ice Sports Victoria members, the Special Initiative Grant will provide opportunities for community members to participate in structured ice sports activities.

Who can apply for a Special Initiative Grant?

Any Ice Sports Victoria affiliate association that is a Not for Profit Organisation may apply for a Special Initiative Grant, provided they can demonstrate the initiative will have a direct benefit to an existing member club or association, and the application meets the criteria detailed below. Affiliate associations are members of State Sporting Associations which are members of Ice Sports Victoria. ‘Not for Profit Organisation’ means an organisation which is not operating for the profit or gain of its members or other individuals and which has governing rules prohibiting distribution of its income or assets to its members or other individuals while it is operating and upon its dissolution. 

If you would like to apply, download and complete the application. Send the completed application and supporting documents to development@icesportsvictoria.org.au 

Applications close COB on August 15, 2017