figure skating

Grace, skill and athleticism define this sport, in which skaters spin, jump, and perform choreography on ice.

Figure skating encompasses many styles, from the jumps and spins of the individual program to the fluid transitions of ice dancing. There are individual, paired and synchronised events.

Skaters compete at many levels from beginner to Olympic level, at local, national and international competitions.

For more information on how to get involved in Figure Skating contact the Association of Ice Skating Victoria or your local club.

Melbourne Figure Skating Club   -  www.fsc.melbourne (Docklands)

Olympic Figure Skating Club  - www.ofsc.org.au (Oakleigh South)

For more information on the Australian Figure Skating Championships 2016 Melbourne, go to www.afsc2016.com.au tickets available at the venue O'Brien Group Arena, 105 Pearl River Road Docklands 3008 for dates November 26 - December 2.

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